Friday Flash Fiction

Every Friday, Chuck Wendig poses a flash fiction challenge at his website/blog I’ve wanted to take part in the challenge for a while now and I’m finally doing it.  Here’s this week’s challenge.  Pick 5 random words from Chuck’s list below and craft a 1000 word story around them. Whalebone Foxglove Djinn Orphan Lollipop Casket Hermit Hound Acid Topaz From the list I picked Djinn, Orphan, Casket, Hound, and Topaz to create my story The Orphan Father, the Topaz Urn, & the Djinn. It’s dark and depressing, but I hope you enjoy it. The Orphan Father, the Topaz Urn, & the Djinn by Kirk Jolly The hound’s mournful howl penetrated the night and the orphan father’s sleep. He’d woken to this sound for the past two weeks.  He didn’t know how much longer he could endure. As if he had a choice.  He stood on unwilling legs and began … Continue reading

Website Launch

The life of a self published author is interesting to say the least.  You can’t just be a writer.  You have to be an editor, a publicist, a marketer, a cover designer, and a thousand other things.  Well, I can now add web designer to my list.  As of now, my website is live for the viewing public and it was built 100% by me.  Please take some time to browse around and let me know what you think.